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Minidisc Information

MDLP  For those of you who are not completely familiar with this format. We have produced our Mini Audio Books in the most popular recording mode of MDLP this allows 4x the amount of data per disc. A 74 minute disc will have a total listening time of approx. 4 hours 50 minutes or (4 CDs).  All stories at this length or less will fit on 1 disc. Those stories with a longer listening time will require additional discs. Most (NOT ALL) recent MD units  are MDLP compatible. All units including Walkman, Decks, and Systems will have the MDLP logo on the casing. MDLP units are regularly for sale on Amazon and Ebay.

Hi-MD  The most recent recording format is Hi-MD. This mode, with even more compression,  will allow for up to  12 hours on a standard 74 minute disc thus reducing the number of discs required. (Ideal for those longer stories) The units available for this format are mainly Walkman portables. There are a few Hi decks and HiFi systems produced in Japan  by Onkyo.  Sony did produce an Hi System The LAM X1 but only for the Japanese Market, although you can still buy them  and many other MD units from "EASY AUCTION JAPAN". There  are Hi  Walkman models for sale regularly on  Ebay and Amazon and include:  Sony MZ NH600/700/800/900 NH1 and RH1 they will have the Blue Hi Logo on the casing.

SHORT PLAY & MONO RECORDING  For some of our audio book recordings we use "Mono" Format. This format is x2 longer than short play stereo and  will allow  over 2 hours listening time on one disc. As with SP stereo, Mono recordings  play on any Minidisc Unit.

DISC SPECIFICATION  The dimensions of the disc are: including the library case approx. 80mm x 75mm x 8mm deep and will easily fit in your  pocket or handbag. They are completely enclosed in a plastic shell and not subject to scratches or marks as the disc itself  is never actually handled. We reserve the right to use any new media available including 80 min discs where appropriate and  all manufacturers and suppliers including TDK, Maxell, Sony etc.

MINIDISC PRE-RECORDED MUSIC  All pre-recorded music albums made by Columbia, EMI, Virgin etc. were produced in short play mode and will play on any MD Walkman, Deck, HiFi System and Car Player.

NETMD  Most recent recorder Walkman  and some decks and systems have a usb capability for downloading from your PC  using Sony software called Sonic Stage. The logo NET MD will be on the casing.

MY PROFILE  Two of my passions are "Graphics and Print" (Retired Lithographic Printer) and "The MInidisc Recording System" I have combined the two to produce "Mini Audio Books".

"NO QUIBLE" These are a well produced and presented product.  If you are not completely happy with your purchase just return it  and we will refund your money.


To  the people and organisations  who have helped to make this project possible.

Librivox  public domain recordings and their volunteer readers from around the World

Joe Tucciarone, who's fantastic animal artwork and images have brought our layouts to life

Minidisc.org who's reference site about everything Minidisc is a valuable go to place if you need any

information and specifications - if it isn't on their site then it probably doesn't exist

Ralph Gray (our very first client) - for his continued support and encouragement.




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